Big Thinker Rob Hyndman at Yahoo

Dr. Rob Hyndman draws from statistical research to discuss the conditions needed for predictability and how to measure the uncertainty of predictions.

Big Thinker Peter Stone at Yahoo

Dr. Peter Stone will discuss the evolution of intelligent robots and the machine learning, multiagent systems and robotics research involved therein.

Big Thinker Andrew McCallum at Yahoo

Dr. MacCallum will discuss research on an Epistemological Database which aids the performance of IE joint inference and will present recent work.

Big Thinker Steven Skiena at Yahoo

Dr. Steven Skiena will discuss his computational social science methodology for ranking historical figures, with assessment results and applications.

Big Thinker Ben Shneiderman at Yahoo

Dr. Ben Shneiderman, Founding Director of the University of Maryland HCI Lab, will present on "Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery."