Timos Sellis presents "Managing Big Trajectory Data: Online Processing of Positional Streams"

In this talk, Doctor Timos Sellis examines big data processing techniques over frequently updated locations and trajectories of moving objects.

Anastasios Noulas presents "Tracking the Evolution Dynamics of Place Networks in Foursquare"

We will discuss the properties of place networks, show how these networks grow, and finally formulate a link prediction task in the same domain.

Ihab Ilyas presents "Data Cleaning from Theory to Practice"

Dr. Ilhab Ilyas discusses practical challenges to developing data cleaning solutions including data ownership and holistic data quality concerns.

Claudia Wagner presents "Food and Culture"

Dr. Wagner will discuss how observational data can help to gain insights into dietary preferences of users & cultural relations between communities.

Christoph Trattner presents "From Search to Predictions in Tagged Information Spaces"

This talk covers the value of tags for lookup and exploratory search while looking at the problem from a network theoretic and interface perspective.