Multi-year Advanced Collaborative Research Opportunity

The MACRO program involves more strategic and deeper research collaborations than our FREP (Faculty Research and Engagement Program). As with FREP, it is designed to produce the highest-quality scientific collaborations and outcomes by having Yahoo scientists engage with top faculty members to promote major advancements in Web science. But MACRO also offers a multi-year option for extended and deeper work where there is an especially trusted relationship and more ambitious goals. Just like FREP, collaborations must be closely aligned with Yahoo's areas of interest, business challenges, and corporate goals. Funds are very selectively assigned based on how well the proposals meet the following criteria:

  • Focused on key research challenges on which academics can drive further growth
  • In alignment with Yahoo’s long-term strategic vision
  • Importance of Yahoo to continue/build relationships with the specified academic/university
  • Academic is from a strategic university where Academic Partnerships has a relationship
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