Introducing Our New Tumblr Series: Science Powering Product

Jun 30, 2014

Yahoo is focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. In making this idea a reality, Yahoo has recently released a number of beautiful and innovative new or revamped products including Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo News Digest. Often, people only get to experience the elegant simplicity of such award-winning apps in as much as they can see them on their mobile devices or desktops. However, making these products effective for hundreds of millions of people requires not only outstanding design and engineering, but also advanced scientific research.

Science Powering Product - Yahoo News Digest

Today, we have posted the first blog in our new series called “Science Powering Product” where we will discuss the science that helps make each Yahoo product a rich and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to offer you a deeper understanding of some of your daily habits. And our inaugural post features one of the most important - news. Read "Science Powering Product: Yahoo News Digest" on our Tumblr blog here.