Let it SNOW (again)!

Dec 11, 2013

By: Gianmarco De Francisci MoralesFabrizio Silvestri, and Luca Maria Aiello SNOW   We are proud to announce SNOW 2014, the Second Workshop on Social News On the Web! The first edition, held in 2013 at the International World Wide Web Conference (WWW) in Rio de Janeiro, was a big success in terms of quality of papers presented, discussions, and interaction among participants. This time the workshop will be held in Seoul, Korea in conjunction with the 23rd WWW (WWW 2014) on April 7th 2014. Information about the location of the workshop will be published on the WWW 2014 website. The workshop provides an interdisciplinary forum to bring together researchers and professionals working in several fields including journalism, computer science, and social science to present novel ideas and discuss future directions in social and online news. Online news has generated an epochal change in the way we consume news. It has disrupted the journalism industry by changing the news life-cycle that leads professional journalists to create news and casual news readers to consume it. The Web, the largest public data repository in the world, gives journalists and readers access to a huge amount of information. Being huge implies being neither easily accessible as a whole, nor of consistently high quality. Therefore, new tools need to be developed in order to allow journalists to verify hypotheses, find events, and support claims. These tools will allow modern journalists to achieve unprecedented results, thus leading to a new form of data-driven journalism. On the other end, readers must be provided with filtered, high-quality, and personalized content. The first edition of the workshop was a successful experiment that importantly included people outside the computer science and engineering community. The level of interaction was astonishingly high and the workshop was mentioned in the highlights of the opening day. In the spirit of the workshop, every piece of research presented was also described in a non-technical blog entry with the purpose of reaching out to the general public. The experiment was very well received and all the posts were widely shared on social media. This year we decided to grow our workshop by building on last year’s achievements and have selected the same venue - the WWW conference - to do so. In an addition to last year’s program, we have set up a challenge on breaking news detection from social media streams with prizes for the winners. The organization of the challenge is supported by the SocialSensor EU project, which in the last two years, has focused on the discovery of interesting social content and its integration in the news creation and delivery lifecycle. The goal of the challenge is to foster people to think about the problem, and to provide a common base so that various techniques for breaking news detection can be compared. Yahoo has a prominent interest in news publishing on the web. Yahoo News is one of the most visited news sites in the world. Therefore, Yahoo has a strong commitment to understanding the issues behind the news creation and consumption process in today’s online environment. For more info please visit the SNOW website, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or write us an email.