New Research on Tumblr Answers Questions on Social Network

Mar 31, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 3.05.45 PMNew research from scientists on the Yahoo Labs Search and Anti-Abuse team serves to answer questions regarding Tumblr that put the social-networking site into context when comparing it to others including Twitter and Facebook. According to the work's abstract, the microblogging platform (owned by Yahoo) is reported to have 166.4 million users and 73.4 billion posts as of January 2014. Despite this wealth of data, there has been very little scholarly research dedicated to understanding how people use Tumblr, with what frequency, and how that compares to other sites with similar functions. The report, called "What is Tumblr: A Statistical Overview and Comparison," describes users' reblogging patterns, what the average post length is, how long the "average distance" between two users is, among other fascinating insights. The team of Yi Chang, Lei Tang (formerly at Yahoo Labs), Yoshi Inagaki, and Yan Liu (academic collaborator), determine that "Tumblr has more rich content than other microblogging platforms, and it contains hybrid characteristics of social networking, the traditional blogosphere, and social media." Read the entire paper on our website here.