Senior Research Scientist, Jofish Kaye, visits UC San Diego

Feb 11, 2013

Senior Research Scientist, Jofish Kaye

Jofish Kaye, Senior Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs focused on HCI just returned from a great visit to UC San Diego. He met with many professors and had a surprise visit from his old intern. He gave a talk in Professor Jim Hollan’s Distributed Cognition-Human Computer Interaction speaker series. The talk was joined by Professor Deniz Ilkbasaran’s Mobile Communication class. Jofish talked about how tablets might be changing the future of computing, and how tablets are a good starting point to explore three interesting ideas: 1) how the comfortable ways that we use tablets change computing, 2) how we’re moving on from the one-user one-login concept of computers, and 3) how a dominant computing device without a keyboard might change our assumptions about the way creation can happen with computers. After a tour of the Salk Institute with Professor Morana Alac he met with students who are doing work with kids with ADHD, and another student who is using a system for teaching programming to everyone from 4th graders to college students. “All in all, it was a great visit. I really liked being able to talk to undergrads as well as graduate students, and Bill’s graduate students are very impressive. Definitely going to be keeping them in mind when it’s time to find interns again.” — Jofish Kaye