The View from Yahoo Labs’ Key Scientific Challenges Summit 2010

Sep 16, 2010

Originally posted on September 9, 2010 on Yodel Anecdotal

Today and tomorrow, Yahoo Labs is hosting the 2010 Key Scientific Challenges (KSC) Graduate Summit. The summit brings together the 23 winners from this year’s KSC program – a group of accomplished doctoral students from some of the world’s great universities. Working with Yahoo, they’re cracking a few of the biggest technical and scientific problems on the Web.

You can learn more about these challenge areas and why they’re essential to what Yahoo does in our blog series here on Yodel Anecdotal this past spring. Different Yahoo Labs scientists weighed in on topics as diverse as Green Computing, Privacy and Security, Economics and Social Systems, Advertising, Web Information Management, and Machine Learning.

The 2010 KSC winners received a small amount of seed funding to help support their research and the opportunity to interact with Yahoo scientists in their area. The summit is a forum for winners and Yahoo scientists to discuss research trends, present their work, and jointly develop innovative approaches to these challenges.

Preston McAfee, Yahoo’s Chief Economist, and Raymie Stata, Yahoo’s Chief Technology Officer, opened today’s session by providing an in-depth overview of what makes Yahoo run and why it’s fascinating to scientists, giving students rare insight into Internet-scale challenges and data.

We sat down with two of this year’s winners: Moira Burke of Carnegie Mellon University and Scott Duke Kominers of Harvard University, to learn a bit about their research.

Here’s Moira:

And here’s Scott:

The purpose of the KSC Program is to help fuel innovation and invent the new sciences that advance the Internet. It’s a lofty purpose that requires great minds and open collaboration. Based on this year’s summit, there’s no doubt that these winners will play a major role in the future of the Internet and have clearly raised the bar for the program heading into 2011.

Congratulations on these tremendous accomplishments, and all the best to everyone! Jamie Lockwood Academic Relations Program Manager Yahoo Labs’ Academic Relations

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