Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Program 2019 - OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS!

May 6, 2019

FREP Program details

We’re excited to launch the 2019 Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Program (FREP).  The program is designed to produce the highest-quality scientific collaborations and outcomes through Yahoo scientists engaging with top faculty members to advance Web science.  These collaborations will solve problems of mutual interest. Outcomes from the research would ideally be joint papers, advances in algorithm design, new software systems and experimental results.  

We’re accepting proposals on:

  • Content Understanding & Recommendation

  • Computational Advertising

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Online Privacy/Security

  • Microeconomics and Mechanism Design

  • Image and Video Understanding

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

  • 5G/Multi-access Edge Computing

  • Augmented Reality

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • On-line/Large-scale/Distributed Systems

  • And other related areas

To start the submission process, please review the FAQ’s for more information. We encourage you to explore and work with a potential collaborator at Yahoo Research to complete and submit the proposal.  Here’s the links to our team and their research areas.

Here are the components of the FREP proposal that you will need to submit. (Note: this is not the actual submission form; it’s here to help you prepare all the material for submission in advance).

Once you’re ready to submit your application, please use this submission form.

Please review the legal agreement that will need to be signed if your proposal is accepted.

Please note that proposals are due by Thursday June 13, 2019. The target notification date is mid July.  Proposals that have been selected will have funding available for the fall semester. Feel free to contact with any questions.