Yahoo FREP Preview of the proposal submission form (as text)

May 6, 2019

Below are the components for the proposal  that you will need to submit. Note: this is not the actual submission form; it’s here just to help you prepare all the material for submission in advance. For the live submission form, use this link.


Academic & Collaborator Information (Section 1)

  1. Academic's Name
  2. Academic's Email address
  3. University
  4. Country
  5. Name of collaborator at Yahoo Research
  6. Email address of collaborator at Yahoo Research, if applicable
  7. Names and email addresses of other investigators


University Department Contacts (Section 2)

If your proposal is accepted we will need the university department contact for completing the financial transaction and to provide a press release.  Please provide your department contact information.


Department Finance Contact Information

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Email address


Department Marketing/Media Relations Contact Information

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Email address


Engagement Details (Section 3)

Funding amount requested (max $50,000)

What is the planned budget breakdown?

(Student funding, travel, equipment, etc.)


Research Area of your proposal: (please choose the area that is the best fit for your research proposal)

  • Content Understanding & Recommendation

  • Computational Advertising

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Online Privacy/Security

  • Microeconomics and Mechanism Design

  • Image and Video Understanding

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

  • 5G/Multi-access Edge Computing

  • Augmented Reality

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • On-line/Large-scale/Distributed Systems

  • Other related areas

Title of Proposal

Research Objective (summary goal)


Background and description of the technical problem areas (please limit to no more than 3 pages)


Expected Outcome (ex. joint published paper, improve algorithms, etc.)


Do you anticipate developing original databases, algorithms, or code as part of your proposed project?


Has the academic reviewed their university's policy on ownership of copyrights?


Under their university's policy, does the academic own copyrights in works that they create?


Can the academic sign the Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Agreement?

(Agreement must be signed within 7 days after notification that you have been selected to participate in the FREP. The FREP Master Agreement is located in the "Legal Agreements" section of the application. Yahoo Research is happy to answer any questions you may have about the Legal Agreements.)


To be completed jointly with a Yahoo Research Scientist collaborator (if applicable). Section 4

What is the relevance of the proposal to Yahoo?  Example: Is the research driven by a need in a product group that the Yahoo Research scientist is partnering with?


How does the Yahoo Research scientist plan to coordinate and engage with the academics? Example:  Weekly phone calls, monthly check-ins, co-published papers, etc.