Yahoo Labs Website Post: Faculty Research and Engagement Program 2012 Recipients Selected

Nov 16, 2012

Yahoo Labs is excited to announce the recipients of the Yahoo Faculty and Research and Engagement Program (FREP). This academic outreach program is designed to produce the highest quality scientific collaborations and outcomes by engaging with faculty and students conducting research in areas of mutual interest. The FREP funds help academics across the globe collaborate with Yahoo research scientists on new, exciting internet research studies and experiments. In addition to the research gift, each recipient has the opportunity to collaborate directly with distinguished Yahoo scientists and visit Yahoo Labs. We were extremely impressed with all of the submissions and would like to thank each professor who applied. Congratulations to the following recipients of the Yahoo 2012 Faculty Research and Engagement Program:   At Yahoo Labs, we’re committed to forging strong alliances with top faculty by collaborating on cutting edge research to advance Web Science. These collaborations will solve shared problems with measurable outcomes such as joint papers, advances in algorithm design, systems research, digital media studies and marketplace design. FREP supports all areas of Yahoo Labs research. If you have questions about the Faculty Research and Engagement Program please contact Kim Capps.