Yahoo Wins Best Paper Award at KDD 2009

Jun 5, 2009

The 15th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2009) will be held June 28 to July 1 in Paris, France. Yahoo has earned 12 out of 142 total accepted papers this year and the Best Paper Award for "Collaborative Filtering with Temporal Dynamics" by Yehuda Koren.
The annual ACM SIGKDD conference is the premier international forum for data mining researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to share their ideas, research results and experiences. KDD-09 will feature keynote presentations, oral paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, tutorials, panels, exhibits, demonstrations, and the KDD Cup competition.
List of Yahoo Accepted Papers
  • Analyzing Patterns of User Content Generation in Online Social Networks
    Lei Guo* Yahoo; Enhua Tan Ohio State University; Songqing Chen George Mason University; Xiaodong Zhang Ohio State University; Yihong (Eric) Zhao Yahoo
  • Collaborative Filtering with Temporal Dynamics
    Yehuda Koren* Yahoo Research
  • Information Theoretic Regularization for Semi-Supervised Boosting
    Lei Zheng Wright State University; Shaojun Wang* Wright State University; Yan Liu Wright State University; Chi-Hoon Lee Yahoo
  • Large-Scale Behavioral Targeting
    Ye Chen* Yahoo Labs; Dmitry Pavlov Yahoo Labs; John Canny Computer Science Division University of California Berkeley
  • Mining Broad Latent Query Aspects from Search Sessions
    Xuanhui Wang UIUC; Deepayan Chakrabarti Yahoo Research; Kunal Punera* Yahoo Research
  • Mining Rich Session Context to Improve Web Search
    Guangyu Zhu* University of Maryland College Park; Gilad Mishne Yahoo Search and Advertising Sciences
  • Modeling the dynamics of individual human communication
    Dean Malmgren* Northwestern University; Jake Hofman Yahoo Research; Luis Amaral Northwestern University; Duncan Watts Yahoo Research
  • On Compressing Social Networks
    Flavio Chierichetti ; Ravi Kumar* Yahoo; Silvio Lattanzi ; Michael Mitzenmacher ; Alessandro Panconesi ; Prabhakar Raghavan
  • On the Tradeoff Between Privacy and Utility in Data Publishing
    Tiancheng Li* Purdue University; Ninghui Li Purdue University Optimizing Web Traffic via the Media Scheduling Problem Lars Backstrom* Cornell University; Jon Kleinberg Cornell University; Ravi Kumar Yahoo
  • Regression based Latent Factor Models
    Deepak Agarwal* Yahoo; Bee-Chung Chen Yahoo
  • A Case Study of Behavior-driven Conjoint Analysis on Yahoo Front Page Today Module
    Wei Chu*, Yahoo Labs; Seung-Taek Park, Yahoo Inc.; Todd Beaupre, Yahoo Inc.; Nitin Motgi, Yahoo Inc.; Amit Phadke, Yahoo Inc.; Seinjuti Chakraborty, Yahoo Inc.; Joe Zachariah, Yahoo>
  • Modeling and Predicting User Behavior in Sponsored Search
    Joshua Attenberg*, NYU Polytechnic Institute; Torsten Suel, Yahoo Research; Sandeep Pandey, Yahoo Research