New Research Shows How Photo Filters Affect Online Engagement

Research looking at 7.6 million public Flickr app photos reveals interesting findings on how photo filters affect online engagement.

Announcing the Open Source of EGADS: A Scalable, Configurable, and Novel Anomaly Detection System

Announcing the open source of our Extendible and Generic Anomaly Detection System, or EGADS, to detect anomalous activities automatically.

Research Scientists Put RocksDB on Steroids

Our Scalable Search Systems group scales and improves the performance of of local KV-stores on modern multi-core hardware.

Announcing A Benchmark Dataset for Time Series Anomaly Detection

We're pleased to announce the release of a benchmark dataset for time series anomaly detection as part of our Webscope data-sharing program.

Big Thinker Andrew McCallum Discusses the Construction of Probabilistic Databases for Large-scale Knowledge Bases

Professor Andrew McCallum discusses how to construct probabilistic databases for large-scale knowledge bases and the merits of doing so.

The Science Behind How Yahoo Aviate Suggests Apps for You

The Yahoo Labs Personalization Sciences team explains how Yahoo Aviate suggests apps for users based on a host of factors.

The Science of Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

New research presented at the WSDM 2015 conference explains the science of advertising effectiveness at Yahoo and the benefit for clients.

Big Thinker Steven Skiena Ranks Historical Figures Using Computational Social Science

Dr. Steven Skiena uses computational social science to rank historical figures in his presentation of a "Quantitative Analysis of Historical Fame."

2015 Research Projects and Yahoo Fellows Announced for Project InMind

Yahoo and Carnegie Mellon University's joint $10 million, five-year Project InMind announces new 2015 research projects and Yahoo Fellows.

New Product Yahoo Recommends Amplifies the Science of Personalization at Mass Scale

Yahoo Labs researchers explain how science powers the personalized content recommendations and native advertising experience in Yahoo Recommends.