Yahoo Labs Scientists Use Tumblr to Predict World Cup Winner

Yahoo Labs scientists sift through 188.9 million Tumblr blogs comprising 83.1 billion posts to predict the World Cup 2014 winner.

Rashmi Mohan Elected to ACM India Council

We are proud to announce that our Senior Manager of Research Engineering, Rashmi Mohan, has been elected to the ACM India Council.

Dr. Jiawei Han Discusses How "Big Data Needs Big Structure"

Dr. Jiawei Han discusses the "Construction, Exploration and Mining of Semi-Structured, Heterogeneous Information Networks" for Yahoo Big Thinkers talk. names Yoelle Maarek one of "66 Israeli Women You Should Know" names VP of Research and Head of Yahoo Labs in Israel and India, Yoelle Maarek, one of "66 Israeli Women You Should Know."

ACM Profiles VP of Research Yoelle Maarek

In its latest bulletin, the Association for Computing Machinery profiles our VP of Research and Head of Yahoo Labs in Israel and India, Yoelle Maarek.

A Snapshot of WWW 2014

Yahoo Labs Communication Manager Mike Sefanov reports from the 23rd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2014) in Seoul, S. Korea.

Bad Weather Equals Negative Restaurant Reviews

A new study from Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs researchers shows that weather and demographics play a significant role in determining how positively or negatively someone will review a restaurant online. In short, bad weather equals bad reviews.

New Research on Tumblr Answers Questions on Social Network

New research from scientists on the Yahoo Labs Search and Anti-Abuse team serves to answer questions regarding Tumblr that put the social-networking site into context when comparing it to others including Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Rafail Ostrovsky Offers Techniques for Boosting Cloud Security

We are fortunate to have had Dr. Rafail Ostrovsky, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at UCLA, present a talk on "Cloud Security: Threats, Challenges and Solutions" today at Yahoo.

Webscope Adds 50th Dataset

We are very pleased to now share our 50th dataset in our Webscope data sharing program.