'Scientific' model projects Obama victory in November

Prediction season is upon us, and some folks at Yahoo are forecasting President Obama's re-election in November.

A Sneak Peek Inside Four Silicon Valley Tech Labs - Popular Mechanics

While swinging through the country's top tech hub, PM paid a visit to the research labs of General Motors, Google, Yahoo, and VW/Audi to get an early look at their latest projects.

Yahoo's Signal Predicts Presidential Election: Obama Over Romney

The 2012 presidential election race is in full swing, but Yahoo has predicted a winner already.

Yahoo Key Scientific Challenges Program 2012

Yahoo Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of our fourth annual <a href="">Key Scientific Challenges Program</a>.

Analysing the past, present and future of Yahoo Labs

WIRED.CO.UK interviews Prabhakar Raghavan about the beginnings of Yahoo Labs and its role in shaping the future of the Internet.

Featured Research Insight: Does Content Matter?

This is the first in a new series of research insights provided by the researchers of Yahoo Labs. In this piece, we explore the question of content in Internet multimedia.

Big Thinker Mark Granovetter at Yahoo Labs

Stanford Professor and Sociologist Mark Granovetter recently visited the Yahoo Labs campus to give a talk entitled “The Strength of Weak Ties: Social Networking Meets 21st Century Revolutions.”

Big Thinker Wendy Kellogg at Yahoo Labs

Wendy Kellogg, one of the founders of the Social Computing Group at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center, recently visited Yahoo’s Sunnyvale campus to give a talk entitled “Social Intelligence for a Smarter Planet.”

Yahoo Labs Announces 2012 Big Thinkers Speaker Series

We've lined up our 2012 Big Thinkers Speaker Series with some of the most prominent and distinguished individuals in academia.

Hack U™ in Amman, Jordan

Recently, the Princess Sumaya University for Technology - <a href="">PSUT</a> in Jordan hosted the region’s first Hack U™ event.