Generalized Utility in Sponsored Search Auctions

Yahoo Labs is constantly improving Yahoo’s ad auction system to create long-term value to search engine users, publishers, and advertisers

Display Supply & Demand Forecasting

Yahoo Labs is developing the state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms to predict future supply of target-able page-views and demand from advertisers

Estimation of Reserve Price for Sponsored Search Auctions

Reserve Pricing is an important feature of an auction marketplace. offers several benefits such as offering price support and improving the user experience by eliminating ads with poor relevance

Predicting Query to Ad Relevance

Sponsored search needs to satisfy both the search users, by providing high quality advertisements that are relevant to the user, and the advertiser, by driving customers with a buying intent to their site.

Mapping Search Query Language to Advertiser Bidded Terms

Sponsored search is aimed at connecting search advertisers to people who may be interested in their products, but advertisers and consumers don't always speak the same language.

Ad Indexing & Retrieval

Displaying ads alongside web queries is a very effective advertising approach. YLabs is working on better ways to index large advertiser databases and performing efficient and precision driven real-time retrieval for serving sponsored search ads.

Continuous Profiling and Debugging in Distributed Systems

Internet use is a twenty-four-hour-a-day, worldwide activity. This puts incredible demands on the machines that support the network and its applications.

New Technique’s Gonna Find Out Who’s Spammy or Nice

You are how you e-mail: A new technique can tell people apart using only the timestamps in their Sent folders.

Opinion: 10 game-changing technologies

The iPhone caused a tectonic shift in the tech landscape -- what else out there will change our lives?

Yoelle Maarek Joins Yahoo Labs

Today we welcome Yoelle Maarek to Yahoo as Senior Director of Yahoo Research in the Haifa office.