Yahoo Labs Debuts 2010 Big Thinkers Speaker Series with Richard Thaler

The way people make decisions is often impacted by human fallibility such as bounded self-interest, willpower, and rationality, according to Thaler, they could do with a little help, or “nudge”, in making such decisions.

"How Do Neurons Know What To Do?"

Geoffrey Hinton presented "How Do Neurons Know What To Do?" at Yahoo Labs on March 18th as part of the Big Thinkers Series.

Big Thinker Geoffrey West Highlights the Tension between Growth and Sustainability in 21st Century Cities and Companies

West's talk sought to answer the questions, “Are cities and companies just very large organisms satisfying the laws of biology?” and “Why do all companies die whereas almost all cities survive?”

Ricardo Baeza-Yates Named IEEE Fellow

Congratulations to Yahoo Labs's newest IEEE Fellow!

Measuring the Unmeasurable

What do your friends really know about you? How much do they influence your decisions? How often do we stray from the cultural herd? How do groups organize to solve complex problems?

The Art and Science of Advertising

Advertising is remain a large part of our daily lives and a permanent fixture of our online experience. Here at Yahoo, we have a special appreciation for the undercurrents of online advertising because it supports a large swath of the Internet ecosystem.

Big Thinker Eric Horvitz Discusses Machine Intelligence and the Open World

Horvitz presented how learning and reasoning from massive amounts of data can aid in a wide range of domains, including transportation, energy and healthcare, potentially providing extraordinary value to individuals and to society.

Hack U™ Recap Fall 2010

The Hack U team recently returned from University of Michigan, where they wrapped up the final event of the Fall 2010 season, marking the fourth year of this well-loved student program. After visiting seven university campuses in the US and India, the team was excited to report that the hack spirit was stronger than ever.

Yahoo Labs Announces 2011 Big Thinkers Series

Check out the exciting year ahead for the Yahoo Labs Big Thinkers Series.

Featured Research Engineer: Jeff Yuan

Today, Yuan works with Yahoo Labs scientists to build prototypes for various projects. He enjoys what he does at work and sees it as a full circle back to his childhood. “Just as it was when I was a kid, I liked to build stuff then and that’s what I’m doing now,” he said.