Two Yahoo Scientists Named ACM Distinguished Members

Congratulations to Elizabeth Churchill and Yoelle Maarek

Yahoo Expands Its M45 Cloud Computing Initiative

Stanford, the University of Washington, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and Purdue join M45

VIDEO: Big Thinkers Event, Michael J. Carey

Michael J. Carey presented "ASTERIX: Towards a Scalable, Semistructured Data Platform for Evolving World Models" as part of the Big Thinkers series.

Personalized Ad Placement in Web Search

We are working on models that give personalized predictions of the response to sponsored search ads. These models will improve the user experience by making changes to ranking and presentation of ads, according to the user's past behavior.

23 Students, 16 Universities, 12 Scientific Challenges, 1 Bright Future

At Yahoo Labs, we believe that innovation in the Web experience of tomorrow will depend directly on the work being done behind the scenes today to create new scientific theories, models and disciplines for understanding the Internet. In fact, a core element of Yahoo Labs’ charter is to invent the new sciences that will underlie the next generation Internet.

3 Rules for Viral Success

Or, why your social media campaign is not the new Old Spice Guy

M45 Supports Machine Learning Project at Carnegie Mellon University

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are taking on the challenge of building a continuously operating machine learning system that will attempt to master semantics by making use of the vast repository of natural language statements found on the Web.

What Can Search Predict?

Observing what people do online at any moment can create a compelling snapshot of our collective consciousness, instantaneously reflecting the interests, concerns, and intentions of people around the world. We can even take this idea one step further: What people are searching for today can be predictive of what they will do in the near future.

Anger Management: Using Sentiment Analysis to Manage Online Communities

Last week, Yahoo Labs scientist Elizabeth Churchill and Pomona College's Sara Owsley Sood presented their paper, Anger Management: Using Sentiment Analysis to Manage Online Communities", at the Grace Hopper conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out the coverage from WIRED and Scientific America.

HP, Intel and Yahoo Attract Additional Contributors to Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Test Bed

PITTSBURGH, Pa., September 27, 2010 – HP, Intel Corporation and Yahoo Inc. today announced that four new organizations will join Open Cirrus™, a global, multiple data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research. The announcement coincides with the 4th Open Cirrus Summit hosted by Carnegie Melon University and Intel Labs Pittsburgh in cooperation with HP and Yahoo