Yahoo Labs Learning to Rank Challenge a Success

Close competition, innovative ideas, and a lot of determination were some of the highlights of the first ever Yahoo Labs Learning to Rank Challenge.

A Search Service that Can Peer into the Future

A Yahoo Research tool mines news archives for meaning--illuminating past, present, and even future events.

Yahoo Wants to Blind the Competition With Science

Imagine a world where your favorite webpage doesn’t even exist until you go there, and then it’s exactly what you hoped it would be, and it makes you viscerally happy. Prabhakar Raghavan is thinking about just that, and as the chief scientist for Yahoo he’s actually in a position to make it possible.

Yahoo, Kardashian & the Spectrum of Engagement

The more Internet scientists find out about us, the better they can build a business. That used to end with personalization, but now it’s about who we touch, and whether we matter more than Kim Kardashian.

Yahoo Scratches the Surface of the Internet

Search engines like Yahoo know a lot about what you search for, but they also are learning a lot about you. Yahoo has several hundred research scientists on the prowl. ABC7 went to see what they are up to.

Yahoo's Top Scientists Gather at Science Week to Celebrate Fifth Anniversary of Yahoo Labs and Map the Next Generation of the Web

"Yahoo Labs is tackling the biggest scientific questions facing the industry and Yahoo -- from how to define what's personally meaningful to the billions of people online, to investigating what the Web can teach us about ourselves and society," said Dr. Prabhakar Raghavan, Yahoo's chief scientist and head of Yahoo Labs.

Open Source and Economics: How the Hold Up Problem Explains the Flash Wars

Last year, when we were finalizing an academic paper tracing the history of public software institutions over the last half a century, Flash stood out as somewhat of an exception – a proprietary solution in the web development world otherwise dominated by open source. Flash’s banishment from Apple suggests that this exceptional position may not last much longer.

Some Novel Ideas for Improving Retirement Income

Dan Goldstein is exploring how new virtual reality technologies can be used to create future images of a person and how seeing those images could influence a person’s financial decisions.

Yahoo at SIGIR

Yahoo continued its unrivaled presence with 15 accepted papers, 5 accepted posters, a series of workshops, tutorials, and a long list of program committee members.

Using Flickr Photos as a Travel Guide

Every minute, there are thousands of images uploaded to photo site Flickr by people who want to share them with the world. And it turns out that if you look at these photos and where they were taken, you can get a pretty good idea of the best path to take when sightseeing.