Yahoo Scientist Questions ROI of Kardashian's Sponsored Tweets

At Ad Age Digital Conference, Duncan Watts Explains His Model for Predicting Value of Influencers on Twitter

Fooling You with Science…and Gossip

In the wake of last year’s Ideological Search success, the team at Yahoo Labs did our best yesterday to further our understanding of deep April Fool’s science. We used sophisticated methods from context-insensitive grammars, nonlinear pessimization and pseudorandom variables.

Hack U at the University of Texas, Austin

I love Austin. It's a fine city with weather so great in March that it makes me scared to visit in June. This was our first time at University of Texas in Austin, but we had an awesome visit.

This time we brought a mighty party of folks from Yahoo to do some classes. I gave a talk about how to optimize web applications for mobile and how YQL can be used for that.

Yahoo India Hosts David Reiley as part of the Big Thinkers India Series

David Reiley kicked of the 2010 India Big Thinkers Series on March 19th presenting "Does Retail Advertising Work? Measuring the Effects of Advertising on Sales via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo".

Crowdsourcing the N.C.A.A. Tournament

Yahoo has built a new tool for this year’s tournament intended to determine which of these results are most likely.

Testing the Wisdom of Crowds on the Madness of NCAA Basketball

We invite you to join a new experiment we cooked up at Yahoo Labs called Predictalot, a game that takes NCAA tournament pick ‘em to entirely new extremes.

Yahoo’s New Crowdsourcing Predictalot App Picks NCAA Winners

Forget the brackets in the office NCAA Tournament pool. This year, Yahoo is offering an application drawing on the wisdom of crowds to make sense out of March Madness.

Key Scientific Challenges Blog Series: Privacy and Security

The responsibility to earn and keep our users’ trust is not just a matter of Yahoo policy (although that is critical too), it’s also a technical challenge that requires scientific innovation to continuously improve and maintain.

The Invisible Hand of Machine Learning

Even though machine learning has such a broad influence on the Internet, it can be quite difficult to recognize. This is primarily because machine learning’s benefits are often hidden -- they are the spam emails you don't see, the uninteresting news articles you don't see, and the irrelevant search results you don't see, just to name a few.

Surfing the Data Wave: The Problem of Managing Events and Updates for Hundreds of Millions of Users

Although social networking and content aggregation seem like different applications, at the core they share a key mechanism: collecting the most recent content from a set of producers, and distributing it to a set of consumers.