Personalization Sciences Team Awarded Best Paper at RecSys2014

The Personalization Sciences team at Yahoo Labs received the Best Paper Award RecSys2014 for "Beyond Clicks: Dwell Time for Personalization."

The Science of Personalization Goes Beyond Clicks

We explore how to best define user engagement, how to measure it, and how to design learning algorithms that optimize for it by going beyond clicks.

2014 Yahoo ACE Award Recipients Selected

It is our pleasure to announce our 2014 Yahoo ACE (Academic Career Enhancement) Award recipients for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Ben Shahshahani Returns to Yahoo Labs as VP of Advertising Sciences

Ben Shahshahani returns to Yahoo Labs as our new Vice President of Advertising Sciences in the United States.

2 Weeks, 2 Best Research Paper Awards

We are very proud to announce that the research scientists at Yahoo Labs have won two best paper awards in two weeks; at UbiComp and MobileHCI.

Dr. Ben Shneiderman Engages with Data Visualization in Big Thinkers Talk

Dr. Ben Sneiderman presents a Big Thinkers talk at Yahoo entitled, "Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery: Big Insights from Big Data."

Visiting Professor Aryeh Kontorovich Instructs Theoretical Machine Learning Course for Yahoos

Ben-Gurion University professor Aryeh Kontorovich recently instructed a theoretical machine learning course at Yahoo and makes it available for all.

Yahoo Labs Targeting Sciences Group Uses Tumblr to Predict NFL Season

Yahoo Labs' research scientists use state-of-the-art tag-clustering technology to predicting the 2014-2015 NFL season according to Tumblr.

Researchers Develop Model for Recommending More Interesting People for your Social Network

Research scientists present a novel framework that recommends new social connections with explanations as to whether the link is topical or social.

Scientists Research Shortest Paths to Happiness in Cities

In new research, our scientists designed algorithms that automatically map out the most beautiful, quiet, and happy routes between two city points.