Dec 31, 1969

Report # Date Title Authors Document
2007-005 09/26/2007 Finding high quality content in social media, with an application to community-based question answering Eugene Agichtein, Carlos Castillo, Debora Donato, Aristides Gionis, Gilad Mishne 2007-005_Agichtein.pdf
2007-004 04/30/2007 Bid Optimization for Internet Graphical Ad Auction Systems Via Special Ordered Sets Ralphe Wiggins and John A. Tomlin 2007-004_Wiggins.pdf
2007-003 06/14/2007 Ranked Recall: Efficient Classification by Efficiently Learning of Indices that Rank Omid Madani and Michael Connor 2007-003_madani.pdf
2007-002 06/14/2007 Prediction Games in Infinitely Rich Worlds Omid Madani 2007-002_madani.pdf
2007-001 04/04/2007 Constructing a Maximum Utility Slate of On-line Advertisements S. Sathiya Keerthi and John A. Tomlin 2007-001_Keerthi.pdf
2008-001 03/21/2008 WITCH: A New Approach to Web Spam Detection J. Abernethy, O. Chapelle, and C. Castillo 2008-001_abernethy.pdf
2008-002 02/15/2008 Multi-class feature selection with support vector machines O. Chapelle and S.S. Keerthi 2008-002_chapelle.pdf
2008-003 09/03/2008 Randomized bidding for maximally representative allocation A. Ghosh, P. McAfee, K. Papineni, S. Vassilvitskii 2008-003_randbids.pdf
2009-002 05/08/2009 An Analysis of Implicitly Year Qualified Queries Donald Metzler, Rosie Jones, Fuchun Peng, and Ruiqiang Zhang 2009-002_Metzler.pdf
2009-003 06/16/2009 Adaptively Parallelizing Distributed Range Queries Ymir Vigfusson, Adam Silberstein, Brian F. Cooper and Rodrigo Fonseca 2009-003_Vigfusson.pdf
2009-005 10/20/2009 Optimal Online Assignment with Forecasts Erik Vee, Sergei Vassilvitskii, Jayavel Shanmugasundaram 2009-005-Online_Assignment.pdf
2009-006 08/14/2009 A Collaborative Filtering Approach to Sponsored Search Tasos Anastasakos, Dustin Hillard, Sanjay Kshetramade, Hema Raghavan 2009-006-query-ad-click-graph.pdf
2009-007 10/26/2009 QueryText – Using Queries and Clicks to Improve Text Matching for Web Search Hang Cui, Srihari Reddy, and Donald Metzler 2009-007-QueryText.pdf
2010-001 3/29/2010 AUC Definitions and Calculations Byron Dom 2010-001-yltr2010-001.pdf
2010-002 4/9/2010 A Conversion Rate Based Bid Adjustment for Sponsored Search Auctions Benjamin Rey and Ashvin Kannan 2010-002-YL-2010-002-conversion-rate-based-bid-adjustment.pdf
2010-003 6/24/2010 Open Information Extraction from Web Search Query Logs Alpa Jain and Marco Pennacchiotti YL-2010-003-oie_query_logs.pdf
2010-004 8/19/2010 Inventory Allocation for Online Graphical Display Advertising Jian Yang, Erik Vee, Sergei Vassilvitskii, John Tomlin, Jayavel Shanmugasundaram, Tasos Anastasakos and Oliver Kennedy ylr2010-004.pdf
2010-005 8/20/2010 TagExplorer: Faceted Browsing of Flickr Photos Börkur Sigurbjörnsson and Roelof van Zwol YL-2010-005.pdf
2010-006 11/23/2010 On the Use of Long Dwell Time Clicks for Measuring User Satisfaction with Application to Web Summarization David Ciemiewicz, Tapas Kanungo, A. Laxminarayan and M. Stone YL-2010-006.pdf
2010-007 12/10/2010 Dissecting Zab Flavio Junqueira, Ben Reed and Marco Serafini YL-2010-007-1.pdf
2010-008 12/20/2010 Ediscope: Social Analyics for Online News Yury Lifshits YL-2010-008.pdf
2011-001 1/10/2011 Beware of Relatively Large but Meaningless Improvements Roi Blanco and Hugo Zaragoza YL-2011-001.pdf
2011-003 11/17/2011 Models and Algorithms for ASC Hardening and a Correctness Proof Miguel Correia, Daniel Gomez Ferro, Flavio Junqueira and Marco Serafini yl-2011-003_0.pdf
2012-002 04/19/2012 Sailfish: A Framework For Large Scale Data Processing Sriram Rao, Raghu Ramakrishnan, Adam Silberstein, Mike Ovsiannikov, Damian Reeves YL-2012-002.pdf
2012-004 05/02/2012 HotROD: Managing Grid Storage with On-Demand Replication Sriram Rao, Benjamin Reed, Adam Silberstein YL-2012-004.pdf


2007 001 Keerthi.pdf
2007 002 madani.pdf
2007 003 madani.pdf
2007 004 Wiggins.pdf
2007 005 Agichtein.pdf
2008 001 abernethy.pdf
2008 002 chapelle.pdf
2008 003 randbids.pdf
2009 002 Metzler.pdf
2009 003 Vigfusson.pdf
YL 2009 005 Online Assignment.pdf
YL 2009 006 query ad click graph.pdf
YL 2009 007 QueryText.pdf
Yltr2010 001.pdf
YL 2010 002 conversion rate based bid adjustment.pdf
YL 2010 003 oie query logs.pdf
Ylr2010 004.pdf
YL 2010 005.pdf
YL 2011 001.pdf
YL 2010 006.pdf
YL 2010 007.pdf
YL 2010 008.pdf
YL 2010 007 1.pdf
Yl 2012 004.pdf
Yl 2012 002.pdf
Yl 2011 003 0.pdf
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