Automatically Embedding Newsworthy Links to Articles: From Implementation to Evaluation

Oct 23, 2013

News portals are a popular destination for web users. News providers are therefore interested in attaining higher visitor rates and promoting greater engagement with their content. One aspect of engagement deals with keeping users on site longer by allowing them to have enhanced click-through experiences. News portals have invested in ways to embed links within news stories but so far these links have been curated by news editors. Given the manual effort involved, the use of such links is limited to a small scale. In this article, we evaluate a system-based approach that detects newsworthy events in a news article and locates other articles related to these events. Our system does not rely on resources like Wikipedia to identify events, and it was designed to be domain independent. A rigorous evaluation, using Amazon's Mechanical Turk, was performed to assess the system-embedded links against the manually-curated ones. Our findings reveal that our system's performance is comparable with that of professional editors, and that users find the automatically generated highlights interesting and the associated articles worthy of reading. Our evaluation also provides quantitative and qualitative insights into the curation of links, from the perspective of users and professional editors.

  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)
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