Probabilistic Topic Models for Sequence Data

Oct 1, 2013

Probabilistic topic models are widely used in different contexts to uncover the hidden structure in large text corpora. One of the main (and perhaps strongest) assumptions of these models is that generative process follows a bag-of-words assumption, i.e. each token is independent from the previous one. We extend the popular Latent Dirichlet Allocation model by exploiting three different conditional Markovian assumptions: (i) the token generation depends on the current topic and on the previous token; (ii) the topic associated with each observation depends on topic associated with the previous one; (iii) the token generation depends on the current and previous topic. For each of these modeling assumptions we present a Gibbs Sampling procedure for parameter estimation. Experimental evaluation over real-word data shows the performance advantages, in terms of recall and precision, of the sequence-modeling approaches.

  • Machine Learning
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