MyChannel: Exploring City-Based Multimedia News Presentations on the Living Room TV

Jun 27, 2014

We see the television as a primary device to connect viewers with the information and people that matter most in their lives. Televisions, as central places where the family gathers, provide a unique location to elevate news and social updates that can connect family and friends across a distance. Through creating the MyChannel service, a TV- based personalized news program, we have explored the types of content that work best in this format. We have also gained a detailed understanding of how television content can inspire feelings of connection and communication with friends and family at a distance through an 8-day in-home field evaluation. We describe the system and findings from our studies and close with a discussion on the future of personalized television news.

  • The 2014 ACM international conference on Interactive experiences for TV and online video (ACM TVx)
  • Conference/Workshop Paper