What is Your Organization ‘Like’? A Study of Liking Activity in the Enterprise

May 10, 2016
[Work published prior to Yahoo]

The ‘like’ button, introduced by Facebook several years ago, has become one of the most prominent icons of social media. Similarly to other popular social media features on the web, enterprises have also recently adopted it. In this paper, we present a first comprehensive study of liking activity in the enterprise. We studied the logs of an enterprise social media platform within a large global organization along a period of seven months, in which 393,720 ‘likes’ were performed. In addition, we conducted a survey of 571 users of the platform’s ‘like’ button. Our evaluation combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to inspect what employees like, why they use the ‘like’ button, and to whom they give their ‘likes’. 

  • ACM Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI 2016)
  • Conference/Workshop Paper