Research Areas

Advertising Science

We work closely with Verizon Media product and engineering teams to supercharge our optimization engine for ad and content distributions. 

Content Understanding

Content Understanding focuses on creating innovative, web-scale solutions for the whole range of content processes including text mining, classification and clustering, structured and unstructured information extraction, and summarization.

Data Science

“Big” doesn’t even begin to capture the scope of our data. Our systems collect information over billions of devices, and we mine it for business insights.

Image & Video Understanding

Powered by our brands’ massive repository of multimedia content, we research and innovate on some of the most interesting real-world problems in image and video understanding, including object recognition, augmented-reality, visual aesthetics, and creativity.

Information Retrieval

We handle a lot of text: from mail and news, to travel reviews, user comments, and the whole web. Finding and extracting information in it requires research in big data, NLP, machine learning, and user interfaces. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is core to our products. Our researchers and engineers develop and deploy large scale ML and deep learning algorithms on one of the largest grid computing platforms in the world. 

Metrics and User Engagement

Metrics and User Engagement researchers collaborate across product teams to define metrics for experimentation, user engagement, and product success in the world.

Natural Language & Dialogue Understanding

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Dialogue Management encompasses statistical natural language understanding, dialogue planning, and understanding across multiple turns. We use various statistical, machine learning, and ontological approaches to develop deep semantic understanding of conversational language. Our deep NLU research works with our large-scale content understanding efforts to enable a broad range of analysis, personalization, and natural language assistance across Verizon Media products.

Optimization & Feedback Control

We turn business problems into well-defined mathematical optimization problems, then solve them with state-of-the-art algorithms from big data statistics, machine learning, control theory, and more.

Scalable Systems

We focus on building scalable and reliable systems to meet the dynamic needs of managing, processing, and manipulating the big data platforms that power Verizon Media.

User Modeling and Personalization

We investigate new ways of understanding users based on their daily interactions with our unmatched set of products, including some of the web's most popular news services, finance and sports applications, and one of the largest email services in the world.