Eric Bax

I graduated from Furman University with a BS in math and computer science-math and from Caltech with a PhD in computer science. I taught high school as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana and college at the University of Richmond as an assistant professor. At Verizon Media, I participate in the Future Studies Group, where we try to imagine the world 20 to 50 years from now and think about what we can do over the next few years to move in positive directions for the future. I also advise marketplace operations teams and do some hands-on machine learning around marketplaces. I do research in statistical pattern recognition, economics, and algorithms. Some recent topics include computing a data dividend, ensemble validation in machine learning, data consortia (organizations where people pool their data for mutual gain), charging for ad impact on user experience, and determining the optimal number of voters for an ensemble. I am interested in education, the future of communications, and how technology and society will affect each other over time. For papers, publications, and patents, do a web search or check on I work in the Los Angeles office (Playa Vista).

Advertising Science, Data Science, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Natural Language & Dialogue Understanding, Scalable Systems