Iftah Gamzu

Senior Research Scientist
Haifa, Israel

I am a Senior Research Scientist at Yahoo Research, primarily investigating and employing Machine Learning and Large Scale Data Science techniques for products in Mail and Advertising. I am also broadly interested in Theoretical aspects of Computer Science, including the Design and Analysis of Algorithms (especially, approximation and online algorithms), Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithmic Game Theory, as well as on the interactions between these areas and other areas of computer science and economics. I am especially interested in studying real-life problems, that have practical importance, through a theoretical lens. In 2010, I completed my PhD on "Web Search Ranking and Allocation Mechanisms" at the Blavatnik School of Computer Science of Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Yossi Azar and Oded Regev. I then joined Moshe Tennenholtz's Basic Research Group at Microsoft Research Israel as a Postdoctoral Researcher, and later on, I have been a Research Assistant at the Open University.

Advertising Science, Mail, Scalable Machine Learning