Narayan Bhamidipati

Sr. Director, Research
Sunnyvale, California

Narayan leads a team of researchers in the Ad Sciences division, and is focused on next-gen advertising solutions via extreme understanding of user behaviors and interactions with advertisers. The team's key project, codenamed GeminiX, is looking at ways of identifying and influencing users in various parts of the purchase funnel, and also measuring the effects. Prior to GeminiX, Narayan has led the "Mappi" effort for improving Yahoo Gemini's app install business by utilizing mobile signals. Previously, Narayan led Ad Targeting Sciences team for four years. Over 12 years at Yahoo, Oath, and now Verizon Media, he has worked on various advertising related projects pertaining to display advertisements, sponsored search, targeting & user segmentation, and inferred demographics. Narayan's interests are in the areas of Machine Learning and Data Mining, primarily as applicable to computational advertising. He holds B.Stat(Hons), M.Stat and PhD(CS) degrees, all from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

Advertising Science, Natural Language & Dialogue Understanding, User Modeling and Personalization


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