Yair Koren

Principal Research Scientist
Haifa, Israel

I am a leader of global applied science efforts and an entrepreneur at heart.

I have a track record of building, managing, and growing both start-ups and mature businesses in multiple disciplines.

I received my Ph.D from the Technion in 2007. Here are what I consider to be my biggest accomplishments since then:
1.  I Co-Founded a software security start-up, won the Israeli MIT-100K equivalent entrepreneurship competition and raised 1 Million dollars in funding.
2. I Founded and grew Harel-Algo, an algo-trading hedge fund business. At peak, the business managed a 100 Million dollar stock portfolio utilizing over 100 automated trading strategies.
3. I Personally raised over 20 Million dollars from foreign funds to invest in Harel-Algo.
4. I currently lead global science and engineering efforts that directly increase Yahoo’s online advertising revenue by many dozens of Millions of dollars per year.

Advertising Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, Optimization & Feedback Control, User Modeling and Personalization