Yaroslav Fyodorov

Principal Research Engineer
Haifa, Israel

I've got my B.A. and M.Sc. from the Technion CS department. My M.Sc. thesis was in the field of computational semantics and in it I developed an algorithm for finding proofs in the inference system based on natural language sentences (which was implemented in Prolog).

Before getting to Haifa Yahoo lab I worked for 8 years on a grammar checker for English in a small Tel-Aviv based startup. After that, for 2 years I managed a team of software engineers and linguists that developed from scratch state-of-the-art multi-language (supporting among others Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Simplified Chinese) keyboard for mobile phones (the linguistic part of it - prediction, completion, swipe input method, Chinese pinyin input).

In the Haifa lab I work on projects related to search, text processing and other similar fields. 

Natural Language & Dialogue Understanding, Search