Hack is Back - Hack U 2009/2010

Hack U is coming to select campuses this fall and next spring to teach students about Web programming languages and inspire innovation through coding mixed with imagination.

Dr. Jeannette Wing Speaks at Yahoo

Dr. Jeannette Wing spoke to Yahoo scientists and engineers about the future of computational thinking.

Yahoo Wins Best Paper Award at SIGIR

The SIGIR Best Paper Award was given to Jaime Arguello (Carnegie Mellon University and Yahoo intern), Fernando Diaz (Yahoo Labs), Jamie Callan (Carnegie Mellon University), Jean-Francois Crespo (Yahoo Labs) for "Sources of Evidence for Vertical Selection".

Award-Winning Paper Reveals Key to Netflix Prize

When the organizers of the Netflix Prize contest announced late last week that one team had met the requirement for the $1 million Grand Prize, Yehuda Koren, a member of the seven-person multinational team, was in Paris to present a paper at KDD-09, the 15th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

Yahoo at KDD and SIGMOD

It was an exciting week as two major conferences took place concurrently during the week of June 28. The 15th ACM SGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining took place in Paris, while the annual ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference found its base in Providence. Yahoo walked away the winner of the Best Paper Award at both conferences, in addition to earning a high number of accepted papers.

Yahoo Wins Best Paper Award at SIGMOD 2009

The ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference was held June 29th to July 2nd in Providence, Rhode Island. Yahoo earned three awards this year including the Best Paper Award for "Generating Example Data for Dataflow Programs" by Chris Olston, Shubham Chopra and Utkarsh Srivastava.

Generalized Utility in Sponsored Search Auctions

Yahoo Labs is constantly improving Yahoo’s ad auction system to create long-term value to search engine users, publishers, and advertisers

Contextual Advertising

Yahoo Labs is pioneering advances in contextual advertising by building highly scalable ad search systems and predictive models for effectively targeting ads based on the context of the user's browsing behavior and the content of the web pages visited.

Contextual Ads Relevance Modeling

Yahoo Labs is developing advanced information retrieval techniques to improve contextual ads relevance.

Conversion Modeling in Sponsored Search

Both advertisers and search users want to increase conversion rates and decrease the cost. This project measures and predicts conversion rates and uses this data to influence ad ranking, pricing and placement, for better value for both search users and advertisers.