Evgeniy Gabrilovich Honored with Prestigious Karen Spärck Jones Award

Evgeniy Gabrilovich, senior research scientist and manager of the NLP & IR Group at Yahoo Labs was honored last week by the British Computer Society Information Retrieval Specialist Group (BCS IRSG) with the prestigious Karen Spärck Jones Award.

Big Thinker Chris Anderson Delivers Talk about a New Industrial Revolution

Editor-in-Chief of <i>Wired</i> magazine Chris Anderson recently gave a talk at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale campus entitled, “The New Industrial Revolution.”

Yahoo Labs Launches Beijing Location

On Tuesday, March 1, Yahoo Labs officially announced the opening of Yahoo Labs Beijing -- the seventh global Labs location, joining Silicon Valley, New York City, Barcelona, Haifa, Bangalore and Santiago, Chile.

Yahoo's Search Future Found In 'Web Of Objects'

Chief Scientist Raghu Ramakrishnan explains the role of science and algorithms in Yahoo’s search experiences. The MediaPost article touches on how Yahoo builds off of Microsoft’s algorithmic results to create a richer, more immersive experience for users.

Invent the Future of the Internet

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Yahoo’s third annual Key Scientific Challenges Program.

Yahoo Labs Launches AdLabs to Advance the Science of Digital Advertising

New study proves the power of hyperlocal online ad targeting in driving sales

Online conversations are deeper than we believe

Researcher Ravi Kumar was recently interviewed by tech news source, The Hindu. The article strongly reinforces Yahoo’s credential as a research organization that is deeply focused on understanding Internet trends.

Yahoo Wins Best Paper at SODA 2011

Congratulations to Edo Liberty and Nir Ailon!

Yahoo Announces Hack U™ Spring 2011 Series

Join Yahoo web experts for a week of learning, hacking and fun! You’ll hear interesting tech talks, hacking tips and lessons, and get hands-on coding workshops where you’ll work with cutting-edge technology.

Big Thinker Geoffrey West Highlights the Tension between Growth and Sustainability in 21st Century Cities and Companies

West's talk sought to answer the questions, “Are cities and companies just very large organisms satisfying the laws of biology?” and “Why do all companies die whereas almost all cities survive?”