Hack U™ 2010

The entrepreneurial dreaming and passionate coding continues unabated.

National Academy of Engineering Elects Andrei Broder as New Member

Andrei Broder is recognized for his contributions to the science and engineering of the World Wide Web.

A Quick Look Back: Academic Relations 2009

It’s no wonder Yahoo has a strong connection with universities. Started by two grad students in a trailer on campus at Stanford, Yahoo continues to stay close to its roots in a number of ways.

Yahoo Invites Graduate Students to Help Invent the Future of the Internet

Second annual Key Scientific Challenges Program brings together top minds in academia and industry.

Key Scientific Challenges Blog Series: Green Computing

Increasing demand for the web services and applications that have become such a central part of our lives (like email and web video, just to name a few) is also causing a steady rise in the need for more and more computing power to make all of theses services work and work well.

Yahoo Labs Takes Best Paper Win at WSDM 2010

Yahoo Labs had another outstanding presence with 17 accepted papers, and winning the Best Paper Award out of a total of 45 accepted papers.

More About Cloud Computing Research on the Open Cirrus Testbed: The Videos

Last week, we hosted cloud computing technologists and researchers from around the world at Yahoo for the second Open Cirrus Summit. We chatted with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell, and UC Berkeley to learn about some of the scientific research being conducted.

Cloud Computing Brainiacs Converge on Yahoo for Open Cirrus Summit

Computer scientists from leading technology corporations, world-class universities, and public sector organizations have gathered in Sunnyvale to discuss the future of computer science research in the cloud. The breadth of the research talent is expanding this week, as the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University officially joins the Open Cirrus Testbed.

Social Science Meets Computer Science at Yahoo

In the last year, Yahoo Labs has bolstered its ranks of social scientists, adding highly credentialed cognitive psychologists, economists and ethnographers from top universities around the world. At approximately 25 people, it's still the smallest group within the research division, but one of the fastest growing.

Yahoo Inaugurates Hadoop Cluster Lab at IIT Bombay

Open Source Hadoop Cluster and Web data to help IIT Bombay conduct Breakthrough Research on Search Based Technologies