Faculty Research And Engagement Program 2015 Recipients Selected

We are excited to announce the recipients of the 2015 Yahoo Faculty Research and Engagement Program (FREP) award.

Making Apps Understand Natural Language

Apps can now understand millions of natural language queries and commands with the SkyPhrase SDK.

Big Thinker Rob Hyndman Explores the Science of Forecasting and Prediction

Dr. Rob Hyndman delivers a Big Thinkers talk on the science of prediction and forecasting while drawing on compelling real-world examples.

Yahoo Bolsters Computer Science in Academia with Largest-Ever Server Donation

Yahoo Labs’ Academic Partnerships team and the Yahoo Data Center Operations group had the pleasure of delivering 480 servers to UT Arlington.

A Novel, Diverse Dataset for Automatic Video Summarization

Yahoo Labs is excited to release our newest Webscope dataset to the academic research community: TVSum50 for automatic video summarization.

Big Thinker Peter Stone Discusses the Path to Fully Autonomous Robots

Dr. Peter Stone discusses his long-term goal of "robust, fully autonomous agents in the real world," and how to potentially get there.

New Research Shows How Photo Filters Affect Online Engagement

Research looking at 7.6 million public Flickr app photos reveals interesting findings on how photo filters affect online engagement.

Announcing the Open Source of EGADS: A Scalable, Configurable, and Novel Anomaly Detection System

Announcing the open source of our Extendible and Generic Anomaly Detection System, or EGADS, to detect anomalous activities automatically.

Research Scientists Put RocksDB on Steroids

Our Scalable Search Systems group scales and improves the performance of of local KV-stores on modern multi-core hardware.

Announcing A Benchmark Dataset for Time Series Anomaly Detection

We're pleased to announce the release of a benchmark dataset for time series anomaly detection as part of our Webscope data-sharing program.