Ariel Raviv

Sr. Research Engineer
Haifa, Israel

Ariel Raviv is a Principal Research Engineer at Yahoo Research, leading the mail search activities including mail relevance ranking, top results selection, and query suggestion. Before joining Yahoo, Ariel was a Research Engineer at IBM Research in Israel, where he worked on recommendation systems, large-scale crawling, machine learning, search and classification tasks, as a member of the Information Retrieval and Social Technologies group. He received his B.Sc and M.Sc from the Dept. of Computer Science, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, where he conducted research under the supervision of Prof. Shaul Markovitch in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Ariel is passionate about data mining and information retrieval, and has several related patents as well as several publications in leading conferences including AAAI, WWW, CIKM and RecSys.

Mail, Metrics and User Engagement, Natural Language Processing, Scalable Machine Learning, Search, User Modeling and Personalization



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