Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis

Director, Content Science
Sunnyvale, California

We are hiring! Here is the job description. For more information please contact me at:


The Content Science group within the Yahoo! Labs division is looking for scientists who want to work on a broad set of real-world practical problems of massive size that have direct business impact. These individuals enjoy formulating problems based on customer needs, selecting, modifying and/or building appropriate tools or methodologies, and providing true end-to-end solutions for diversified challenging data mining projects.

The successful candidate will be expected to work on developing algorithms for entity and concept extraction and disambiguation, content aboutness extraction, text categorization/clustering, and object recommendation. The candidate will work with structured data sources such as Freebase and other internal Yahoo! databases, and from unstructured sources such as web crawls, query logs, and real-time social feeds.

We strongly encourage our team members to stay abreast of novel academic work and seek patents and/or publish work when appropriate. This is an exciting opportunity to apply your data mining skills to the 10 terabytes of data that Yahoo! captures every day.

Job Functions

  • Play a critical role in the group as a creative research scientist working at a project level
  • Follow a project through its entire lifetime from problem formulation to solution delivery
  • Understand and communicate effectively with internal business customers, partners, and stake-holders at each stage of a project
  • Prototype possible solutions, evaluate outcomes, and update research direction according to business goals and constraints
  • Think abstractly and correlate similarities between problems, methodologies, and solutions

Job Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Statistics, AI, Computer Science or a related field
  • Demonstrated expertise and desire to work hands-on in analyzing and modeling large data sets
  • Strong algorithmic problem solving skills
  • Software development skills (C/C++, Python, Java, etc.)
  • Data analysis and data mining skills (Hadoop, Matlab)
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to understand business requirements
  • Team spirit as well as the ability to execute independently

Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information please contact Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis

Natural Language Processing, Scalable Machine Learning, Search, User Modeling and Personalization