Prabhakar Krishnamurthy

Senior Director - Research
Sunnyvale, California

Prabhakar Krishnamurthy (PK) leads the Marketplace Sciences group.  The Marketplace Science group works on optimization of allocation and pricing for markets with supply and demand, incentives for user participation and engagement, bidding strategies, economic analysis of contracts, etc.  Recent work of this group includes: the re-design of the search ads marketplace, bidding and budget allocation for ad campaigns, player rating systems for fantasy sports, etc.  His research interests include: Economics and Market Design, Design of Human-Social-Technical Systems, and the social impact of AI and ML technologies.

PK has previously worked in consulting, product management and research for companies such as Providian Financial, Talus Solutions, Metreo (now part of Cisco), Agile Software (now part of Oracle) and Bell Communications Research.  He has a PhD in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Outside of work his interests include: travel, photography and creative writing.

Advertising Science, Metrics and User Engagement, User Modeling and Personalization