Shabhareesh Komirishetty

Research Engineer
Sunnyvale, California

Shabhareesh is a research engineer in the advertising science team. His current work involves in identifying what funnel stage a user is with respect to advertiser's purchase funnel. In the past he has been part of Yahoos's supply platfrom (aka Flurry) where he has worked on initiatives like Device Finger Printing (Identity Mapping), App Install Attribution and Supply Optimization (Click and Conversion Prediction, Anomaly Detection). He holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Vellore Institute Of Technology and University (2010), India, a Masters degree in Computer Science from University Of Illinois at Chicago (2013), United States. His research interests are broadly in areas of Machine learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision with applications related to user modeling and advertising.

Advertising Science, Content Understanding, Data Science, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Natural Language & Dialogue Understanding, User Modeling and Personalization